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How does a Messenger chatbot work?

What is a Facebook chat bot? How does it work in practice? And what are the best services of this type available today?

What activities for a wedding?

Date of marriage: fixed. Invitation cards: sent. Reception place: found and booked. Next step to prepare for the continuation of the wedding? Set up the evening: what time to serve each dish? How many hours do we want to dance? When can speeches be made during the evening? The wedding sometimes requires time slots to fill, for example if your …

What are the benefits of the Arbutus?

Strawberry is a medicinal plant whose leaves and young shoots have diuretic and astringent virtues. Strawberry includes therapeutic properties as urinary antiseptics, it is the remedy for cystitis and urethritis. Its root is used to treat arteriosclerosis and blood circulation disorders. …

How much champagne per person for a wedding?

When organizing a wedding, many questions arise. Every couple has the desire to do well and do everything possible so that this day runs best for their guests. Among the most common issues are those related to beverages. Which drink to choose for a wine of honor? How much champagne for a wedding? etc… In concrete terms, many people are …